Journeying into new innovations! PROCASUR Africa Newsletter (January – June 2016 Edition)


Published on: 2016-07


The Procasur Africa Team is glad to share its first newsletter of the year 2016!    You will have the chance to engage with inspiring stories of men, women and youth who are innovating and reaching untapped markets with the use of practical and constructive approaches towards building efficient and inclusive business models, putting into practice the GALS (gender action learning system) methodology towards improving value chain development!  In the last eight years, PROCASUR Africa and its partners have implemented 25 Learning Routes in 15 East and Southern African countries, supporting more than 400 rural development practitioners of almost 30 nationalities to exchange knowledge, weave connections and catalyze innovations.

By accessing the global knowledge market and discussion forums, over 500 Local champions are able to amplify their development perspectives and diversify their incomes, all the while gaining the skills to advocate at the local, national and, sometimes, international level.

Today this effort is reaching West and Central Africa as well! We are happy to now broaden our knowledge management methodologies and build south to south cooperation with organizations in West and Central Africa; helping them to discover the invisible value of their own people, outstanding farmers and leaders that are making the difference in their territories.

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