CCAFS Learning Site in Wote: Case study from the Learning Route on Climate Change Adaptation in ASALs

Can agricultural interventions through research boost farmers ability to adapt to climate change and ensure food security? 

Eighteen rural development practitioners, policy makers and researchers from the Arid and Semi Arid Lands (ASALS) in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia gathered together in Wote a Climate Smart Village of the CGIAR programme, to learn and share experiences about resilience strategies developed by local communities and governments in the Kenya drylands from the Learning Route: “Climate Change Adaptation in Arid and Semi Arid Lands,”

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This Learning Route was organized by the Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security programme (CCAFS), and the Adaptation Learning Programme in Africa (ALP) implemented by CARE International and the PROCASUR Corporation. For more on this training programme please go the following link: Learning from communities: Natural resource management and climate change adaptation best practices