Photo: P. Casier (CGIAR)

Generations of researchers and practitioners have sought appropriate ways for smallholder farmers in Africa to increase their production and productivity, given their resource constraints. A number of technologies have been developed, tested and adopted by smallholder farmers. Under this theme, partners will share practical steps which smallholder farmers can take to adapt their agricultural practices to secure dependable food supplies and livelihoods. While acknowledging the value of traditional technologies and practices, to achieve food security and sustainable development, it is important to embrace appropriate modern technologies and practices that increase agricultural productivity, increase resilience and mitigation to climate change. CSA promotes the application of proven practices and approaches and recognizes the need for increased scale. Some of the topical issues under this theme include:

      • Resilient crop species and varieties for adaptation
      • Conservation of local landraces and seed selection for preferred and adaptive characteristics
      • Wild crop relatives – crop improvement and domestication as well as to supplement diets
      • Climate-smart farming practices including water, soil or pest management, erosion control and land restoration
      • Climate forecasting which integrates traditional and modern knowledge for forecasting weather and predicting extreme events.