Learning Route: Practical Solutions to Adapt to Climate Change in Production&Post Harvesting Sectors

Adapting to Climate Change in Production and Post Harvesting Sectors: How can farmers cope with the unpredictability of weather patterns?

Climate change is a driver of vulnerability for those people whose livelihood depends directly on natural resources. How can we mitigate these risks? Which ways can farmers use practical solutions to cope with the unpredictability of weather patterns? j From hay making practices to alternatives to rain-fed agriculture through irrigation and the use of shade… Read more »

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Integrating indigenous knowledge with scientific forecasts in Lushoto, Tanzania

Improving food security needs appropriate climate related risk management strategies. These include using climate information to guide farm level decision-making. Progress has been made in providing climate services in Tanzania but there are significant gaps with regard to downscaled location specific forecasts, as well as generating timely, reliable and user friendly information. Majority of the… Read more »