Learning Route: Practical Solutions to Adapt to Climate Change in Production&Post Harvesting Sectors

Adapting to Climate Change in Production and Post Harvesting Sectors: How can farmers cope with the unpredictability of weather patterns?

Climate change is a driver of vulnerability for those people whose livelihood depends directly on natural resources. How can we mitigate these risks? Which ways can farmers use practical solutions to cope with the unpredictability of weather patterns? j From hay making practices to alternatives to rain-fed agriculture through irrigation and the use of shade… Read more »

Victor Dobai

Photo Victor Dobai

Serious rain: East Africa’s annual Easter resurrection

By Susan Macmillan (ILRI) Boys with their goats in the rain in Kenya (ILRI/Stevie Mann). 3 April 2016: Loresho, Nairobi suburb Exactly four days following Easter Sunday this year, the ‘long rains’ arrived in Nairobi, watering the earth, flooding the streets, pounding the rooftops. All night that night, and all night the following nights, the kusi monsoon,… Read more »

V.Meadu (CCAFS)

Photo V.Meadu (CCAFS)

East Africa 2016 Seasonal Outlook for Agriculture

By Mary Nyasimi (CCAFS), Emma Bowa (CARE) and James Muhindi (Assistant Director Climate Modeling Kenya Meteorological ) Members of the Kenya Seasonal Planning Network in partnership with Kenya Meteorology Department (KMD), held a one-day meeting to discuss the 2016 long rains (March to May) prediction and develop agro-advisory messages for farmers and other users of… Read more »

V. Atakos (CCAFS)

Photo V. Atakos (CCAFS)

Policies for Climate Smart Agriculture Family Farming

The 2014 FANRPAN Annual High-level Food and Nutrition Security Multi-Stakeholder Policy Dialogue was held in Madagascar from the 29th September – 3rd October 2014 and attended by over 225 delegates from 22 African countries and beyond including all 17 FANRPAN member countries. The theme addressed under related global and regional initiatives; relevant was: 1. The… Read more »

P. Kimeli (CCAFS)

Photo P. Kimeli (CCAFS)

Farmer planting tree seedlings

In the CCAFS Climate Smart Villages in Lushoto, Tanzania, farmers have been engaging in agroforestry, farmer learning events, improved land management and use of indigenous knowledge in weather forecasting.