World Bank/Curt Carnemark

Photo World Bank/Curt Carnemark

Rapid, Climate-Informed Development Needed to Keep Climate Change from Pushing More than 100 Million People into Poverty by 2030

By John Roome STORY HIGHLIGHTS New World Bank report highlights the acute threat of climate change to poor people. This threat can be contained through rapid and inclusive development that takes into account climate change, targeted adaptation measures, and emissions reductions efforts that protect the poor. Without such action, it warns climate change could push more… Read more »

2014 Africa Progress Report: Grain, Fish, Money

2014 Africa Progress Report: Grain, Fish, Money

From Sierra Leone to Chad, Africa remains one of the world’s fastest growing regions. In the past decade and a half, the only global region to grow consistently faster than Sub-Saharan Africa has been developing Asia. Africa’s average incomes have risen by a third.