Climate change learning alliance launches into action

Kampala, Uganda (10 August 2015) – The Climate Change Learning Alliance launches into action this week. As of now it will start its policy engagement to so ensure Uganda’s ability to adapt to the impacts of climate change. The members will gather on the 13th and 14th of August to make sure their action plans… Read more »

E.Hermanowicz (Bioversity International)

Photo E.Hermanowicz (Bioversity International)

Modelling underutilized foods into diets that boost health and food security

Written by Celine Termote Scientists working with communities in Kenya have demonstrated an innovative approach to boosting the nutritional quality of local diets while also reducing their cost. Their work capitalized on the opportunities presented by a seemingly unlikely situation: high rates of malnourishment in an area with high agricultural biodiversity. This incongruity results from… Read more »