V.Atakos (CCAFS)

Photo V.Atakos (CCAFS)

Gender and water – always challenge the obvious

By Floriane Clement  This post is written in response to: What should we be asking to understand gender dynamics in irrigation? For the policy-makers, researchers, water professionals and development practitioners interested to consider and address gender when designing, studying or implementing agricultural water management interventions, there are many practical tools and guidelines on what relevant questions to… Read more »

Hamish John Appleby (IWMI)

Photo Hamish John Appleby (IWMI)

New training manual supports groundwater management across African borders

By IWMI For 75% of Africans, groundwater is the main source – and sometimes the only source – of drinking water. It also has the potential to lift millions of smallholder farmers out of poverty by enabling them to develop irrigation systems that do not depend on unpredictable rainfall. As such, it is expected to… Read more »

Olive Thiong'o (CCAFS)

Photo Olive Thiong'o (CCAFS)

Equitable access to Land critical for Development and Conflict Resolution in Africa

Land issues are at the centre of conflicts and tensions in many parts of Africa, COMESA Assistant Secretary General for Programmes Ambassador Kipyego Cheluget has observed. Speaking during a meeting with delegates from the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) representing the Land Policy Initiative (LPI) Consortium, Ambassador Cheluget called for equitable access to… Read more »