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Climate-Smart Agriculture 101

This site is your gateway to implementing CLIMATE-SMART AGRICULTURE It will help you get started and guide you right through to implementation on the ground, connecting you with all the resources you need to dig deeper. Click here to access it

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Serious rain: East Africa’s annual Easter resurrection

By Susan Macmillan (ILRI) Boys with their goats in the rain in Kenya (ILRI/Stevie Mann). 3 April 2016: Loresho, Nairobi suburb Exactly four days following Easter Sunday this year, the ‘long rains’ arrived in Nairobi, watering the earth, flooding the streets, pounding the rooftops. All night that night, and all night the following nights, the kusi monsoon,… Read more »

P.Kimeli (CCAFS)

Photo P.Kimeli (CCAFS)

Strengthening ties with Kenya

The common interests of the Kenyan government and ICRISAT in improving the nutrition and income of smallholder farmers, involving youth in agriculture, use of information technology and involving private sector in agriculture were explored in a recent meeting between Mr Willy Bett, Cabinet Secretary, Kenya Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries and Dr David Bergvinson,… Read more »

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Reviving Lake Victoria by Restoring Livelihoods

 This blog was originally published on the World Bank website, for more information click here   STORY HIGHLIGHTS Lake Victoria is the largest freshwater body in Africa and the largest inland fishery in the world, supporting over 40 million inhabitants, nearly 50% of them live with less than $1.25/day. The Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project… Read more »

S.Kilungu (CCAFS)

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Kenya integrates climate-smart agriculture into its Intended Nationally Determined Contribution

By Vivian Atakos (CCAFS East Africa) Technical support from CCAFS and CGIAR Centers helps build consensus for wider policy change. Kenya is among 36 countries (as of September 21) that have recently submitted their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). INDCs—a key driver towards a new climate… Read more »

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Climate change learning alliance goes into action

Post by John Francis Okiror and Rebecca Nabatanz Kampala, Uganda, 11 August 2015 – A learning alliance that brings together policymakers, researchers, and development practitioners to influence effective policy formulation and implementation on climate change and food security kicks off its activities with a two-day planning meeting on 13-14 August. in Kampala, Uganda. During the meeting, members of… Read more »

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Tanzania climate-smart agriculture program

In Sub-Saharan Africa, heavy reliance on rain-fed agriculture renders farming communities more vulnerable to effect of climate change and variability resulting in widespread food insecurity and poverty. Climate change and variability present new challenges particularly for smallholder farmers whose main stay is agriculture. Providing food for the future will require a holistic approach in order… Read more »

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Kenya Climate-Smart Agricutlure Framework Program

Kenya envisions being a middle- income country with citizens enjoying high quality of life and a sustained annual economic growth rate of at least 10% by the year 2030 according to the National Development Blue Print “The Kenya Vision 2030”. The agriculture sector has been identified as one of the key sectors to contribute to… Read more »