J. Recha (CCAFS)

Photo J. Recha (CCAFS)

Adaptation, gender and women’s empowerment

Why is gender important in climate change adaptation? Adapting to climate change is about reducing vulnerability to current and projected climate risks. Vulnerability to climate change is determined in large part by people’s adaptive capacity. A particular climate hazard, such as a drought, does not affect all people within a community or even the same… Read more »

Hoima Uganda ( CCAFS)

Photo Hoima Uganda ( CCAFS)

Food production, climate change and gender

A new research reveals women’s lack of ownership of productive land, and access to agriculture service organisations in West and East Africa are indeed affecting their ability to build a climate-resilient future. The capacity to adapt to climate change, and sustain livelihoods, relates to the extent to which people interact with, and benefit from, social… Read more »