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Photo V. Atakos (CCAFS)

Climate-Smart Agriculture 101

This site is your gateway to implementing CLIMATE-SMART AGRICULTURE It will help you get started and guide you right through to implementation on the ground, connecting you with all the resources you need to dig deeper. Click here to access it

Climate Smart Agriculture

Climate Smart Agriculture

The world population is expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050. Agriculture has a key role to play in feeding this population. However, agriculture must adapt to climate change and help mitigate climate impacts. Romina Cavatassi and Aslihan Arslan, Natural Resource Economists of the FAO Agricultural Development Economics Division explain how Climate Smart Agriculture addresses… Read more »

S.Kilungu (CCAFS)

Photo S.Kilungu (CCAFS)

Persuasion: Towards a calculus of influence in livestock research for development

By Susan Macmillan (ILRI) An ‘advocacy wheel’ diagram from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation—which used it to help improve outcomes for children’s nutrition by way of the UN Sustainable Development Goals—presented by Hien Tran at a Livestock Advocacy and Communications Convening held at ILRI’s Ethiopia campus in Nov 2015. In November last year (2015),… Read more »

CSA in Madagascar /  Climate-smart agriculture in Madagascar

CSA in Madagascar / Climate-smart agriculture in Madagascar

Madagascar is currently the 5th worldwide among countries most exposed to risks due to climate change and the first country in Africa exposed. For 30 years since 1980, natural hazards including droughts, earthquakes, epidemics, floods, cyclones and extreme temperatures, caused economic damage of more than $ 1 billion in Madagascar and the agricultural sector is… Read more »

S.Kilungu (CCAFS)

Photo S.Kilungu (CCAFS)

Can linking social protection and agriculture end extreme poverty?

By Peter Shelton Social protection programs−broadly defined as initiatives offering cash or in-kind assistance to the poor−have expanded rapidly in recent decades, now covering an estimated two billion people living in developing countries. Such broad coverage, which accounts for roughly one-third of the total population living in these countries, has contributed to a dramatic decline… Read more »

Webinar: Perspective on Big Data in the CGIAR

The Agricultural Information Management Standards (AIMS) Community [1] in cooperation with the BigDataEurope (BDE) project [2], is pleased to announce a new webinar entitled “Perspective on Big Data in the CGIAR”[3]. The session will take place on the 04th of February 2016 – 16:00 Rome Time [4] and will be presented by Elizabeth Arnaud [5],… Read more »


Nutrition toolkit on Integrated homestead food production (IHFP)

In 1977, IFAD made improving “the nutritional level of the poorest populations in developing countries” one of the principal objectives of its founding agreement. Since then, governments, civil society and development organizations also have come to recognize the central importance of nutrition. Not only is nutrition an outcome of economic growth, but, by improving human… Read more »

Climate-smart agriculture in the field – planning, implementation and upscaling

FAO would like to invite you to join our online events “Climate-smart agriculture in the field – planning, implementation and upscaling”.   The event will build upon two webinars and take place in October 2015. You can enroll now through: http://bit.ly/join_csa_field-work The content of the event is especially targeted to agriculture and climate change practitioners… Read more »