G.Smith (CIAT)

Photo G.Smith (CIAT)

Eco-village: a holistic approach of climate smart agriculture

Adbari Majhi in her family farm inter-cropped and mixed-cropped of vegetables, pulses, millets with orchard spices, she is sun-drying harvested onions, Pic: Abhijit Mohanty     In southern Odisha State, India, the landscape and livelihoods of the indigenous family farmers are seriously threatened by industrial agriculture, bauxite mining, large dams, changing rainfall patterns and government… Read more »

Responding to change: tubular biogas technology

Responding to change: tubular biogas technology

The communal tubular biogas project is an example of a low-cost, climate-smart initiative being undertaken by rural communities in Kenya to build their resilience to climate change. Introduced by the Arid Lands Information Network (ARIN) to local communities, the project helps to build the resilience of communities to climate change through the many social and… Read more »