G. Smith (CIAT)

Photo G. Smith (CIAT)

Niger: Climate-Smart Agriculture Project to Improve Productivity and Resilience of Niger’s Agriculture Sector

The Niger Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) Support project, which is the first World Bank project in Africa designed specifically to deliver climate smart agriculture – namely increased productivity, enhanced resilience and reduced greenhouse gas emissions – is aligned with the Government of Niger’s ‘Nigeriens Nourish Nigeriens’(3N) Initiative. The 3N is Niger’s national strategy to spur sustainable… Read more »


Photo Daiantech.com

Climate and Agriculture Network for Africa Flier

The Climate and Agriculture Network for Africa (CANA) is a knowledge sharing web based platform by a network of partners drawn from the region. CANA brings together researchers and practitioners within climate science and agriculture who are seeking to build resilience within African agriculture. The platform fills an important niche by linking climate change and… Read more »

Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture

The world’s population is growing, and natural resources are diminishing. This problem is well documented, but to avoid a major catastrophe the world has to find a way to produce 56% more food by 2050. The answer lies in innovation Innovation in agriculture gives us a real chance of feeding nine billion people using less resource… Read more »

Photo by V. Atakos (CCAFS)

Photo Photo by V. Atakos (CCAFS)

Greenhouse farming in Kitengela, Kenya

A number of farmers in arid- and semi-arid lands in Kenya are undertaking intensive crop production in greenhouses. Shown here are pictures taken from Kitengela, a semi-arid area in Kenya. The CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS), East Africa program is undertaking research to help farmers build resilience to climate… Read more »


Community Based Adaptation to climate change strengthens pastoralists’ resilience

Climatic stresses are well known by pastoralists due to the dynamics of the ecosystems they profit from. Their livelihoods have historically included powerful adaptation tools for centuries or even millennia, such as livestock mobility, communal land tenure, rangeland monitoring, extensive information networks and adapted breeds. In all of the mentioned tools, the household scale has… Read more »