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N.Palmer (CIAT)
By / December 1, 2017

Africa Climate Smart Agriculture Congress: Innovations, Partnerships and Financing

  Climate-smart agriculture has a profound impact on Kenya. The country is incredibly vulnerable to crises from extreme weather due to the reliance on climate-sensitive natural resources. The agriculture sector is a major contributor to the national GDP, which also leaves Kenya’s economy weak during periods of flooding or drought. The World Bank has recently approved… Read more »

Photo: T.Muchaba (CCAFS)
By / September 19, 2017

Online discussion on Scaling Up Climate Smart Agriculture: Integrating Youth and The Digital Revolution

Scaling Up Climate-Smart Agriculture:  Integrating Youth and The Digital Revolution September 19 – October 20, 2017   Agriculture is the single largest source of income for rural Africans and contributes to a quarter of the continent’s GDP. The agricultural sector occupies more than 70% of the labor force and contributes to food security and poverty reduction…. Read more »

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By / December 1, 2017

Africa Climate Smart Agriculture Congress

The inaugural Africa Climate Smart Agriculture Congress is will bring together senior representatives from ministries of agriculture, heads of key agri-related public institutions, UN agencies, agricultural firms, NGOs, farm associations, agriculture research and development institutes, investors, donors and the private sector to look at innovations, partnerships and financing to advance climate smart agriculture in East Africa…. Read more »

By / November 1, 2017

3rd AFAAS Africa-Wide Agricultural Extension Week

The 3rd AFAAS Africa-Wide Agricultural Extension Week combined with the 51st Annual Conference of the South African Society for Agricultural Extension will take place in Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa from 30 October to 3 November 2017. The event theme is: “Scaling up climate smart agriculture: integrating youth, women, and the digital revolution”   For more information, visit the… Read more »

By / November 1, 2017

AgriProFocus network day

YOU ARE INVITED TO THE AGRIPROFOCUS KENYA NETWORK DAY 2017! The Annual Network Day has in the past 5 years attracted all the stakeholders in the agri-food sector: government agencies, research and academia, private sector, development partners and farmer organisations. The results have been increased partnership development, business deal making, knowledge sharing; and a clear… Read more »

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