Sudan Academy of Sciences Journal



Published on: 2015-04


This study was designed to assess involvement of researchers in climate change
adaptation and their capacity to generate scientific evidence on climate change
adaptation policies and plans of action. Information used for conducting study
included both primary and secondary data. An inventory of research scientists
working in climate change in agriculture and water resources including animal
agriculture was made. The study showed a clear indication of limited scientific
evidence on climate change impact assessment both in water resources and animal
agriculture. Only 15.4% of the research programs (4 out of 26) had elements of
climate change impact assessment on animal agriculture and water resources.
Also, very limited research
conducted to contribute to the understanding of
the climate change impact in animal agriculture and water resources. Research
programs and projects together with development programs and projects of
research involvement (both locally and externally funded) were 49 out of which
only 23 were externally funded. Most of the projects handled adaptation options
related to development and improvement of adapted crop varieties and enhancing
livelihood/income resilience. The low percent of agricultural water management
practices (20.0%) and adaptation knowledge (17.8%) may be related to few
scientists with background in environmental sciences or water and agricultural
engineering compared to crop and soil sciences. Potential adaptation strategies
related to climate forecasts and animal agriculture were less common compared to
reforestation and agro-forestry and agronomic aspects. It was concluded that there
is a high pressing need to enhance the capacity of researchers to generate
scientific evidence on impact assessments and adaptation options, and strengthen
the communication platforms among researchers and policy makers. This would
ensure that science-based research findings are communicated and thereby used in
influencing climate change policies, plans, and strategies. This would assist in
proper planning and implementing climate change mitigation adaptation
strategies, hence improving animal agriculture under pastoral and agro-pastoral in
Sudan and similar areas in the Sudan.