Integrating Community Based Adaptation into local government planning





Governments across Africa are committed to ensure that adaptation to climate change is included in relevant national policies and plans. They are developing and resourcing national adaptation plans, but there is growing recognition that all government plans development, risk reduction and sectorbased are affected by climate change impacts, particularly at the local level. Adaptation is therefore not an issue to be addressed in isolation in specific programmes, but must be integrated into mainstream planning processes and development implementation. Development and sector plans and budgets need to be based on actions that will result in climate resilient development, whether or not finance specific to adaptation has been accessed. There is growing recognition of the need to focus on resilience over the long term in the face of increasingly frequent, uncertain and extreme weather and climate related events as well as changing development opportunities and challenges. Interconnections between local, national and global levels are increasingly complex and dynamic. Actions that are decided locally are informed by local conditions and are better able to respond to the locally felt impacts of climate change. While convinced of the need, many governments are facing challenges on how, practically, to integrate adaptation to climate change into local planning.