ALFA 2017: African Learning Forum on Adaptation

Towards a climate-resilient Africa   This communiqué represents the voices of participants who attended the Africa Learning Forum on Adaptation (ALFA2017) in Saly, Senegal, March 2017. Coming from 52 African and global government and non-state organisations working across the spectrum of adaptation policy, finance, practice, capacity building and research, in 23 African countries ALFA2017 deliberated… Read more »


Kenya Climate-Smart Agriculture Strategy 2017-2026

The KCSAS is a tool to implement Kenya’s NDC contribution for the agriculture sector and will require domestic and international support. The implementation of KCSA strategy will require a total of KSh. 500 billion (US$ 5.0 billion) for adaptation and mitigation actions for agriculture sector up to 2026. This will contribute to building resilience and… Read more »