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Climate and Agriculture Network for Africa

The Climate and Agriculture Network for Africa (CANA) is an interactive, knowledge sharing web platform by a diverse range of partners drawn from the region. CANA brings together researchers, policy makers and other players within climate science and agriculture seeking to build resilience. Through CANA, we share, learn and promote conversations on best practices that impact African agriculture. Key themes:… Read more »


Workshop Report: Scaling Up Climate Information Services for Farmers and Pastoralists in Tanzania through ICTs and Rural Radio

Under the auspices of this GFCS Adaptation Programme in Africa, the World Food Program (WFP) and the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) co-organized a two-day ICT and Radio Stakeholders’ Consultation Workshop in Tanzania to define a nationally appropriate strategy for scaling up climate information services for farmers and pastoralists… Read more »

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Understanding Farmers’ Indicators in Climate-Smart Agriculture Prioritization

In order to increase the uptake of climate-smart agricultural innovations, it is important to move beyond adoption claims and understand the contexts in which farmers operate. Farmers use different indicators to decide whether or not to implement, what to implement, and where to implement specific innovations. Understanding and using such indicators to prioritize agricultural innovations… Read more »


Nutrition toolkit on Integrated homestead food production (IHFP)

In 1977, IFAD made improving “the nutritional level of the poorest populations in developing countries” one of the principal objectives of its founding agreement. Since then, governments, civil society and development organizations also have come to recognize the central importance of nutrition. Not only is nutrition an outcome of economic growth, but, by improving human… Read more »


SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES 1. Introduce a visual timeline in an attractive manner for UNEA. 2. Host regional and thematic e-discussions to enrich UNEP’s Global Thematic Report and UNEA deliberations. 3. Feature the MY Green World Global Survey for a greener world. Allowing for peoples’ engagement and commitment to sustainable development solutions. 4. Launch MYUNEA TV a… Read more »

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SmartAG Partner July – September 2015

We are pleased to share with you the tenth issue of the SmartAG Partner- a quarterly newsletter of the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) East Africa. This is the last issue I will preside over, as I will step down from the program leadership in December, 2015. As we… Read more »

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Sustainable small ruminant breeding program for climate-smart villages in Kenya

Improving productivity of sheep and goats (i.e. small ruminants- SR) under smallholder farming systems faced with challenges of unfavourable climatic events has been identified as one means of enhancing livelihoods of communities living in these areas. Interventions are targeted through clusters of farmers grouped into “climate smart villages” (CSV) under a collaborative action by CCAFS,… Read more »