P. Kimeli

photo P. Kimeli

As Kenya continues the process of devolution, the bill and policy proposes that County governments integrate climate change action plans into their County Integrated Development Plans. Consultations with county government officials reveal that counties need technical and financial support to integrate climate change adaptation and mitigation actions in their development plans. Specifically, the counties call for guidance in sourcing for climate finance and linkages with international and national partners to support implementation.

To tackle the changing climate and prepare for the future, adaptation and mitigation strategies at the farm, county and national levels demand for excellent planning with climate smart practices accompanied by behavioral change and transformations in investment patterns.

“Climate smart agriculture ideas should be bold, energetic and still remain practical. The impetus is to create the perfect synergy between seemingly quite different agricultural sub-sectors (that is aquaculture, crops, livestock and agroforestry),” said CCAFS Program Leader for East Africa, Dr. James Kinyangi. “Stakeholders want to invest in CSA ideas that can merge modern and indigenous knowledge and practices into formal climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies. We need to make them concrete by linking them to the other sectors of the economy such as energy and water.”

By Catherine Mungai and Mary Nyasimi: CCAFS