Learning event: Climate-smart agriculture in the field – planning, implementation and upscaling

Date: Thursday October 1 2015

All interested participants are welcome to join the online learning event ‘Climate-smart agriculture in the field – planning, implementation and upscaling’ in October 2015. The content of the event is mainly targeted at agriculture and climate change experts as well as practitioners from civil society organizations working on climate-smart agriculture (CSA) field projects.

Webinar 1:
Participatory CSA planning and implementation in the field
Wednesday 7 October 2015

Webinar 2:
Evaluation of CSA for upscaling and mainstreaming into agricultural development
Tuesday 13 October 2015

Facilitated online discussion
October 2015


  1. To support the exchange of experiences between practitioners working on CSA field projects and programmes.
  2. Increase knowledge on CSA planning and implementing at field and landscape levels.
  3. Provide guidance on up-scaling and linkages between research, practice and policy for CSA planning and decision making. 

Background reading