International Quinoa Conference 2016

Venue: ICBA and FAO, Al Bourooj St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Date: Tuesday December 6 2016

Despite the growing global recognition of quinoa’s potential, and positive research outcomes in pilot studies, there are still many constraints and issues to be addressed before quinoa becomes a crop of choice in marginal areas where other major crops have so far been dominant but are now failing due to climate change and degradation in the quality of soil and water resources.

Key challenges are:

  • Limited availability of genetic material for cultivation outside its indigenous environment
  • Limited knowledge of the best management practices – especially nutrient and water requirements, pest and disease control, harvesting and processing under marginal growing conditions
  • Little awareness about quinoa’s nutritional benefits and the intricacy to incorporate it into local diets in regions outside the Andes
  • Lack of suitable marketing channels where the farming communities could sell their produce

Recognizing the need to better understand and resolve these challenges and to fully exploit the potential of quinoa, ICBA and FAO are organizing the International Conference: Quinoa for Future Food and Nutrition Security in Marginal Environments on December 6-8, 2016.

This conference will provide a unique platform for discussions on ecological, economic and social aspects related to introducing quinoa for sustainable agricultural production in marginal environments.

The conference will:

  • Bring together leading scientists, practitioners and decision-makers from the public and private sectors in a mix conducive to innovation and technology transfer
  • Explore opportunities for collaboration between the public and private sectors
  • Showcase the latest developments in quinoa research, production and trade around the world
  • Highlight quinoa uses and niche market opportunities
  • Connect young professionals to experienced professionals

For more information please download the conference announcement.