International Farming Systems Association 2016 Symposium

Venue: IFSA, Newtown, Edgmond, Newport, Telford and Wrekin TF10 8HY, UK
Date: Tuesday July 12 2016

Social and technological transformation of farming systems: Diverging and converging pathways

Understanding farming as systems acknowledges interconnections and dependencies among its many human and non-human dimensions. As changes in farming systems take place all the time, at levels ranging from individual to farm level, to the environments of farming and from local to global, understanding the nature of these interconnections and dependencies can be challenging. IFSA’s 2016 symposium will focus on particular kinds of change – social and technological transformation – and consider not only what is changing in terms of these dimensions and their contexts, but how they relate to each other and how purposeful social and technological transformation of farming systems in different parts of the world are realized and how they could be brought about in the future.

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