GACSA Annual Forum on Climate-Smart Agriculture in Action

Venue: Rome, Italy
Date: Tuesday June 14 2016

The 2nd Annual Forum is devoted to showcasing climate-smart agriculture in action and will provide an open platform for dialogue, sharing experiences and agreeing on the way forward. These exchanges will bring out the lessons learned and enable identifying good CSA practices that can be scaled up; as well as gaps to be addressed through focused actions. The following themes will be given particular attention:

1- GACSA Action Groups: Share and discuss the first products generated by Collective effort through the Action Groups, as well as by individual efforts of the members.

2-  Country Case Studies: Demonstrate how GACSA, through the combined effort of its three Action Groups, can assist the countries in bolstering their CSA efforts. What can we learn from these studies?

3-  Private Sector: Nine out of ten jobs are created by the private sector. What difference can the sector make in improving food security in the face of climate change and how can GACSA be instrumental for Private Sector initiatives?

4- Civil Society Organizations: Their constituencies are the grassroots and opinion leaders in local societies. How can GACSA members and observers work together with the CSOs to introduce climate smart approaches that can transform these communities?

5-  Research and development: Climate practices are contextual – one size will not fit all. What role can research do to boost climate smart practices, and how can research findings be transformational for small holders?

6-  Reviewing the work of GACSA in the inception year and shaping the future of the Alliance in 2016 and beyond.