Climate-Smart Agriculture Tools for Africa

Venue: Online
Date: Tuesday October 13 2015
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Worldwide, there are opportunities for agriculture to contribute to efforts to adapt to climate change while supporting food security and the fight against poverty, as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The concept of climate-smart agriculture (CSA), coined by the United Nations Food Agriculture Organization (FAO) is being embraced by scientists (Harvey et al 2013), funding agencies (Grainger-Jones, 2011), national governments and policy makers, global and regional alliances (e.g. Global Alliance for CSA (GACSA); Alliance for CSA in Africa), as well as the CGIAR. CSA aims to achieve three objectives:

  • sustainably increasing agricultural productivity, to support equitable increases in farm incomes, food security and development;
  • adapting and building resilience of agricultural and food security systems to climate change at multiple levels; and
  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture (including crops, livestock and fisheries).

To support a transition to CSA in Africa, researchers and development practitioners have n developed a range of tools and options for effective climate adaptation and mitigation in agriculture in different environments and at diverse scales. The Climate and Agriculture Network for Africa (CANA) together with CGIAR and development partners (CARE International Adaptation Learning program) are excited to bring you a webinar on CSA tools for Africa. We will discuss five of these tools, providing an opportunity for participants to learn about them, thereby, allowing for integration of their use across scales.

Overall objective:  to provide an interactive forum to share innovative tools for CSA with a wider audience

Target audience:  Policy makers, researchers, development practitioners

Webinar Agenda (October 13, 2015)

Moderator: TBD

Time (EAT)

Topic/ Tool and region of implementation

Intended users


1400 – 1405 Welcome and  Introduction Moderator
1405 – 1415 Climate-Smart Agriculture Prioritization Framework Caitlin Corner-Dollof (CIAT)
1415 – 1425 Climate Smart Agriculture Rapid Appraisal (CSA-RA) Southern Agriculture Growth Corridor of Tanzania, Northern Uganda Donors, CSA Implementers Caroline Mwongera (CIAT)
1425– 1435 Participatory scenario planning (PSP) Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Niger, Mozambique, Tanzania and Malawi Agriculture sector, Meteorological users, communities, Local govts, service providers, researchers Maurine Ambani (CARE, Adaptation Learning Programme)
1435-1445 CSA Compendium National governments, CSA Implementers, NGOs,  Donors, Researchers Todd Rosenstock (ICRAF)
1445-1455 targetCSA- a decision support tool to target CSA practices Kenya Public and private sector, main use for planning Patric Brandt (CIFOR)
1455 – 1525 Questions and Answers Moderator
1525 – 1530 Wrap up Moderator


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