Brussels Briefing 44: Promoting responsible and sustainable sourcing through Fair Trade

Venue: Georges Henri, Belgium
Date: Wednesday June 22 2016

On 22 June 2016, a Brussels Development Briefing will take place at the ACP Secretariat in Brussels, Belgium. The event is organised by CTA and the European Commission / DEVCO, the ACP Secretariat and the Fairtrade Foundation.


More than 1.4 million farmers and workers from developing countries contribute to the Fairtrade market worldwide, with 87% of Fairtrade producers being small scale farmers. Private standards, such as Fairtrade have made an impact in creating awareness about fairer trade for between consumers worldwide and producers in the global south. This Briefing will offer the opportunity to discuss challenges and further opportunities on sustainable sourcing and standards compliance.

Further details about the event will be published on the Brussels Briefings website.

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