3rd All Africa Horticultural Congress

Venue: All Africa Horticultural Congress, Ogbere-Idi Obi Road, Ibadan, Nigeria
Date: Sunday August 7 2016

The Congress will be hosted by the Nigerian Society for Horticultural Sciences and will take place under the aegis of the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS).

The Congress aims to bring together scientists involved in diverse horticultural endeavours in Africa and to provide a platform that will encourage a spirit of communication, collaboration and sharing of knowledge and expertise for the benefit of our Continent and its people.
The congress will further strengthen the voice of African agriculturists in their respective academic, research and economic communities and industries.

“We look forward to renewing acquaintances with delegates from the previous Congress and taking the opportunity to make new friends!” – the 3rd AAHC Organizing Committee”

For more information please visit the congress website.