Prioritizing climate-smart agricultural interventions at different spatial and temporal scales

Written by , posted on Tuesday March 28 2017(2 years ago)


In the future, agricultural systems will need to be transformed if global food security and poverty reduction targets are to be achieved in sustainable ways. One approach to reorienting agricultural systems to support food security under the new realities of climate change is climate smart agriculture (CSA). CSA is about promoting coordinated action towards climate-resilient pathways through building evidence, increasing local institutional effectiveness, fostering coherence between climate and agricultural policies, and linking climate and agricultural financing. It emphasizes implementing flexible, context-specific solutions, using approaches that evaluate the trade-offs and synergies, between the three pillars of: sustainably increasing agricultural productivity to support equitable increases in incomes, food security & development; managing risks in the short term  and building resilience to climate change in the longer term, from the farm to national levels; and developing opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture. Information is needed that can help decision makers at all levels prioritise climate-smart investment. CGIAR and partners are developing a growing body of work on tools and methods that can be used to prioritize CSA interventions and investments at different scales. Some of this work was highlighted in a recent special issue of the journal Agricultural Systems. A series of four webinars by distinguished scientists is proposed to present some of CGIAR’s work in this arena. Each webinar is a live event, lasts one hour (15 minutes presentation, 45 minutes facilitated discussion), and will be recorded and uploaded.


Webinar Schedule:


April 12 Dr Pramod Aggarwal, CCAFS Regional Program Leader, South Asia Tools and approaches to prioritizing CSA interventions in South Asia
3 May Dr Ana Maria Loboguerrero, CCAFS Regional Program Leader, Latin America Reducing Climate Risks in Latin American Agricultural Sector: A Tool to Prioritize Climate Smart Agriculture Interventions 
24 May Dr Todd Rosenstock, ICRAFDr Evan Girvetz, CIAT “CSA-Plan”: Strategies to put CSA into practice 
21 June Dr Mark van Wijk, ILRI Farm household characterization to inform climate smart agricultural interventions