‘Mentoring youth in agriculture’ program

Written by , posted on Wednesday April 15 2015(3 years ago)

This June, pioneering young professionals will team up with successful professionals to grow and refine their careers in agriculture.

Young people have the ideas and ambition to become successful entrepreneurs, farmers and researchers, but are often held back by lack of access to skills training, technology, networks or finance.

In partnership with African Women in Agricultural Research for Development (AWARD), YPARD has developed an innovative pilot mentoring program to provide the support young professionals’ needs.

Tell me about the program

The 12-month pilot mentoring program will pair 15 YPARD Kenya members with 15 mentors based in Kenya.

We’ll launch with an orientation workshop in Nairobi from 4 – 6 June where mentors and mentees will work together on their interpersonal skills as well as setting goals for the rest of the program.

Here are just some of the skills we hope YPARD Kenya members will build by participating in this program:

  • Career mapping
  • Presentations and public speaking
  • Scientific paper writing
  • Business proposal writing
  • Negotiation skills
  • Marketing
  • Job interview technique
  • Cover letter, CV and professional email writing

To find out what skills the mentors will build, see www.ypard.net/mentors

Can a mentor really make a difference in my life?

Yes! Otim Joseph was only 2 years old when the Lord’s Resistance Army insurgency began to decimate Uganda’s forests and farms. Twenty years later, Otim decided he could empower young people and make a difference but didn’t know how. With the help of his mentor, he has completed a university diploma and developed an internship program to give 30 young Ugandans training in natural resource management.

Is it only open to YPARD Kenya members?

As this is a pilot, we currently only have the resources to run the program for 15 YPARD members in Kenya. We’re hoping to be able to scale up to other countries and regions soon!

However, we will be running monthly online seminars focused on building skills and knowledge of YPARD members across the world in areas such as fundraising, project management, team building, leadership and negotiation skills. Watch this space for information soon.

What can mentees expect?
  • To learn an amazing amount about yourself and your career
  • To network with senior professionals and like minded young people
  • To set and achieve at least 3 career-focused goals
  • To have a lot of fun along the journey!
Time commitment:
  • Available to attend a mentoring orientation workshop from 4-6 June in Nairobi (mentees will have their travel expenses and accommodation covered)
  • Able to meet (face to face or by phone) for at least 2 hours a month with your mentor over the course of the 12-month program.
Get involved!

Apply here by 5pm CET on 22 April.

I know someone who would be a great mentor!

Excellent, make sure they read the many benefits they will receive by being a mentor and apply by 22 April: www.ypard.net/mentors

Any questions? Contact YPARD’s mentoring coordinator michelle.kovacevic@ypard.net