What is the issue with gender budgeting?

Posted by , posted on Monday March 27 2017(1 year ago)

To highlight the importance of gender relations and equality in sectors such as agriculture, natural resources, education and health, gender and development practitioners have argued that expecting a country to develop with half of its population unable to fully participate in the process is like asking someone to work with one arm and leg tied behind his/her back.

Gender budgeting has become a recognized approach to use fiscal policy and administration to address gender inequality and promote women’s advancement. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) survey of gender budgeting efforts in sub-Saharan Africa, Uganda and Rwanda have achieved notable success in their efforts to integrate gender-oriented goals into budget policies, programs and processes. This success is attributed not only to leadership by the Ministry of Finance but also non-governmental organizations and parliament that play an essential role in gender budgeting advocacy.

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