Sowing the seeds of better adaptation

Posted by , posted on Saturday May 21 2016(2 years ago)


Can an increase in the production of certified seed help Malian farmers adapt to climate variability and change? Members of district-level science-policy dialogue platforms think so.


With the climate change conditions, rainfall patterns are more erratic. Usually I start with the land preparation in June, but these days the rains start later and end earlier than expected. Now, because the rainy season is short, we all shift to early maturing varieties. But, it is hard to have the seed locally. If the government can support the certification cost and facilitate access to seed production inputs, at least for the small farmers, we can produce high quality seed in our communities and sell the certified seed to our peers. Many of us are reluctant to produce the seed because we cannot afford the certification cost. I expect now that we draw the attention of our leaders on this challenge, they will take actions to help


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