Partnering with national meteorological services to support farmers in Africa

Posted by , posted on Monday March 27 2017(2 years ago)

Through the Enhancing National Climate Services (ENACTS) initiative, CCAFS works with the International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI) and other partners to support NMS in several African countries (Rwanda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Ghana, Mali, Madagascar) and the AGRHYMET Regional Center in West Africa, to overcome data gaps and to provide high quality climate information. As a result, it is now feasible to provide climate information services that are actionable at the local scale of agricultural decision-making, at a national scale.

The ENACTS approach overcomes data gaps by blending NMS station data with satellite and other proxy data, to produce moderately high-resolution (roughly 4 km grid) historical gridded data (more than 30 years for rainfall, 50 years for temperature). The quality of these national data sets is substantially better than the best global data products. Access to information is improved through the development of online “Maproom” tools derived from the historic data sets, integrated into the NMS web pages. CCAFS is working with partners to expand the usefulness of ENACTS for agriculture, including reconstructing historic data on a daily time step, and expanding the suite of Maproom products to include new historical information products for agriculture and downscaled seasonal forecasts in a form that supports agricultural decision-making.

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