Kenyan Government approves use of Aflasafe KE01 to fight aflatoxins

Posted by , posted on Thursday July 16 2015(3 years ago)

 For the first time, Kenyan farmers will have access to a product that can dramatically reduce aflatoxin contamination. During the 127th meeting of the Board of Management, the Pest Control Products Board (PCPB) held on 29 June 2015 granted full registration status to the biocontrol product Aflasafe KE01™, with the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) as the registrant, paving the way for its unhindered use in Kenya.

Aflatoxin contamination in food grain and feed in Kenya has become a major concern as it has a negative impact on health, trade, and food security. Aflatoxin causes liver cancer, suppresses immunity and stunts the growth of children. Nearly 200 people, including school children, have died in Kenya due to acute aflatoxin poisoning in the recent past.

“Now that this biocontrol product is fully approved for use after meeting stringent standards of safety and efficacy, we expect that its rapid adoption will help us to deal with the recurrent and vexing aflatoxin problem, and make our maize safe to eat and trade” said Dr Eliud Kireger; Director General, KALRO.

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