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G. Smith (CIAT)

Photo G. Smith (CIAT)

June 22, 2016

Senegal’s farmers adopt new tool to boost harvests: mobile phones


When birds and clouds are no longer an accurate indicator of rain, text messages can step in   SIKILO, Senegal June 16 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Walking through his dry millet field, Alioune Djaby, chief of Sikilo village, waits for a sign that rainfall is coming. Normally, he would look for clouds in the sky… Read more »

Young farmer in western Kenya.

Photo C.Schubert (CCAFS)

, , , , June 21, 2016

Is farming really cool? Re-evaluating young farmers’ needs and perspectives of the Kenyan agricultural landscape


James Ogweno and Catherine Mungai Young people will determine the future of Kenya – “Nearly 80 per cent of Kenya’s population is aged below 35 years. This population is also the best educated in the history of this country, with about 80 per cent having post primary school education. The future of this country, especially… Read more »

Hamish John Appleby (IWMI)

Photo Hamish John Appleby (IWMI)

, , , , June 18, 2016

Climate-smart agriculture: More than just greenwashing?


Ahead of the Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture’s (GASCA) second forum, to be held in Italy, numerous development, environment and agri-associations have raised these pressing concerns. Climate change means that a global shift towards an ecologically sustainable, climate-friendly rural agricultural model is more urgent, with integrated approaches like Community Supported Agriculture and ‘food sovereignty’ in… Read more »

G. Smith (CIAT)

Photo G. Smith (CIAT)

June 16, 2016

Niger: Climate-Smart Agriculture Project to Improve Productivity and Resilience of Niger’s Agriculture Sector


The Niger Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) Support project, which is the first World Bank project in Africa designed specifically to deliver climate smart agriculture – namely increased productivity, enhanced resilience and reduced greenhouse gas emissions – is aligned with the Government of Niger’s ‘Nigeriens Nourish Nigeriens’(3N) Initiative. The 3N is Niger’s national strategy to spur sustainable… Read more »

woman involved in poultry keeping

Photo V. Atakos (CCAFS)

, , , , , , , , , , June 12, 2016

Climate-Smart Agriculture 101


This site is your gateway to implementing CLIMATE-SMART AGRICULTURE It will help you get started and guide you right through to implementation on the ground, connecting you with all the resources you need to dig deeper. Click here to access it

G.Smith (CIAT)

Photo G.Smith (CIAT)

, , , , June 11, 2016

Eco-village: a holistic approach of climate smart agriculture


Adbari Majhi in her family farm inter-cropped and mixed-cropped of vegetables, pulses, millets with orchard spices, she is sun-drying harvested onions, Pic: Abhijit Mohanty     In southern Odisha State, India, the landscape and livelihoods of the indigenous family farmers are seriously threatened by industrial agriculture, bauxite mining, large dams, changing rainfall patterns and government… Read more »

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