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International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)

Photo International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)

October 9, 2014

Agroforestry, livestock, fodder production and climate change adaptation and mitigation in East Africa


 Agroforestry and livestock keeping both have the potential to promote anthropogenic climate change resilience, and understanding how they can support each other in this context is crucial. Here, we discuss relevant issues in East Africa, where recent agroforestry interventions to support livestock keeping have included the planting of mostly exotic tree fodders, and where most… Read more »

CARE International

Photo CARE International

October 7, 2014

How Kenya can turn its gender and climate change commitments into reality


By CDKN Global: CARE Kenya Kenya has strongly promoted gender equity and  women’s participation in climate change mitigation and adaptation programmes. Emma Bowa of CARE Kenya talked to CDKN’s Giovanna Grandoni about whether these aspirations are borne out in reality. Kenya is among the first African countries to develop legislation and policies that promote the… Read more »

CARE International

Photo CARE International

Community-based adaptation to climate change makes economic sense


By Fiona Percy: CARE International How can communities in developing countries, which are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, access the resources they need to cope with and build resilience to the climatic threats they face? And how can they successfully plan for and implement community-based adaptation initiatives that deliver positive results? For… Read more »

T. Muchaba

Photo T. Muchaba

October 2, 2014

A Climate – Smart Agriculture Alliance for Africa


African countries are moving forward with the advancement of Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA). During a Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA 40) pre meeting held on 30th May in Bonn, Germany, delegates from 25 African countries engaged in a dialogue on a shared vision  and a mechanism for coordinating country efforts for CSA.  Additionally,… Read more »

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